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My time off

Anna MacKay-Beasley, 9, will soon be in her penultimate year at St Peter's primary school in Paddington, central London.

I've got a busy summer. I'm going on holiday to Turkey for two weeks with my dad. I've been there once before. We went with a company called Club Med. We're going to a different resort this year.

There's always a children's club. It's really good. Your parents go off and do what they like and you go to the club. You can go swimming every day and do water sports like canoeing. There's also a craft hut. Everyone in the club eats together - you just see your parents at night time. I make lots of friends there. Last year I met two girls called Naomi and Gemma. They're from Suffolk and we're pen-pals now.

This year I'm going to do the Notting Hill Carnival with Paddington Arts. This is the first year I've been in the carnival. Everyone has the same costume but the boys' costume is a bit different from the girls. I think the costume is supposed to be like a bird.

When I get bored I like reading books with my friend Christopher. We go to the library and you get different things to do every time, not just reading. You also get to make things. You have to read five books and when you finish them all you get a certificate and a badge.

I like going back to my school. It's small and there are not many people. I'm in a small class which I like because you learn more and the teacher talks to you. When I start class five after the summer I will have homework - and it's compulsory!

Anna was interviewed by Selina Gibson, aged 13. Both girls are involved with Children's Express, a charity for learning through journalism for children aged eight to 18.

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