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My time off

Ilona Jankovich, 17, has just finished her A-levels at Islington Sixth Form College in North London.

I'm going to stay in London and get to know the city a bit better. There's so much to do and I've never really had enough money. Every summer in the past I've always got a job and worked full-time until I've gone abroad. I went to Vancouver a couple of years ago to see my older brother, Luke. I had a really good time.

I work in a vegetarian restaurant in Covent Garden. I'm going to be working four days a week. It's fun and lively, although it's hard work.

The best thing about summer in London is that there is just so much to do, and there are so many different cultures and different types of people.

The worst thing is that you always have this idea that the summer is going to be really hot and beautiful. I've lived here all my life and getting away to somewhere completely different, like South America, would be wonderful. But if I get enough money on my birthday then I might go abroad with some girlfiends to Holland.

I've just finished my A-levels in English literature, history and art. After the summer I know that I'm going to Middlesex University for my art foundation course.

I'm also going to spend the summer preparing for my course. I've got lists of books to read and I've got to fill sketch pads and draw London. I've bought all the pads but I haven't done much work yet.

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