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NAHT leader has tested our patience

I cannot agree with Ed Dorrell (Editorial, 22 July) that NAHT general secretary Russell Hobby's "lightness of touch is to be congratulated". Rather than deftness of touch he has exhibited what is phonetically equivalent - deafness - to the pleas of a large number of his members for a root and branch reform of the current assessmentaccountability regime.

Under his "leadership" the NAHT has been bought off - once by being offered membership of the Bew committee and once by the sop of an end to the already discredited "creative writing" test, while leaving the remainder of the testing regime more entrenched and data ridden than ever.

However, Mr Dorrell is right to assert that those of us opposed to the current system will be aiming at the "entire structure of KS2 external assessment".

We will continue the "offensive", with, or more likely without, the likes of Russell Hobby.

Professor Colin Richards, Spark Bridge, Cumbria.

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