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Name shame

CITY academies - great idea. Pity they'll never happen, at least not by that name.

The Government has been trumpeting the latest evolutionary step in its modernisation of the comprehensive principle (as they say).

It has been quick to add that city academies aren't city technology colleges by another name - no siree. They'll just be set up using the same legislation. And that legislation - the Education Act 1996 - does indeed give ministers plenty f flexibility.

But unfortunately, one of the few things it does set down is the name of the institutions created.

The schools, it says, "shall be known as (a) city technology colleges if the emphasis of the curriculum is on science and technology or (b) city colleges for the technology of the arts if the emphasis... is on... the performing and creative arts".

So that's it then: city academies really will be city technology colleges.

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