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NATE conference in April

he annual conference of the National Asociation for the Teaching of English will be held in Sheffield from April 18-21.

Germaine Greer will be one of the keynote speakers, as will Romy Robinson, the teacher, broadcaster and writer; Angela Goddard and Terry Furlong. There will be a range of workshops and seminars.

With the new curriculum finalised, the question now is what to do with it. Assessment is more problematic: What is the proper relationship between coursework and timed tests? What are tests for? What shall we do with them?

These are key questions and this year's conference may be where the future of English teaching takes a new turn.

Further details from NATE, 50 Broad field Road, Broadfield Business Centre, Sheffield S8 OXJ. Tel: 0742 555419. Fax: 0742 555296.

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