The nature of anger

ANGER MANAGEMENT: a practical guide. By Adrian Faupel, Elizabeth Herrickand Peter Sharp. David Fulton Pounds 13.99.

Anger is natural, at times inevitable and commonplace, yet its destructive potential gives rise to its negative reputation. In fact, its expression can be fruitful, leading to honest exchange and better mutual understanding.

Anger Management, written by three experienced educational psychologists,provides excellent advice for coping with problematic anger and the disruptive behaviour accompanying it at home or school. In the context of the new Department for Education and Employment guidelines on pupil restraint, and growing recognition ofthe need for "emotional literacy", it is a welcome resource.

The book starts by discussing the nature, causes and effects of anger in all its manifestations and then explores prevention and management techniques. Finally, it focuses on control, and offers a wealth of strategies for helping young people (and others) to avoid or weather the storms.

Teachers who are looking for material for raising the issue using, say, role-play, literature or group discussion, will need to look elsewhere. The heavy emphasis on worksheets will also not suit the less literate pupil, though the content could be adapted and introduced verbally.

Adrian King is former health education co-ordinator for Berkshire

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