On the naughty step - Conduct that deserves a ticking off

Regulations on saucy advertising near schools

Placed firmly on the Naughty Step this week was Britain's vibrant advertising sector. So dubious are its creations that it has become subject to regulations that bar it from placing saucy billboard adverts within 100m of schools.

No more will you pull out of the school car park and - distracted by a 20ft poster of Eva Herzigova looking you in the eye - nearly run over some loitering Year 9s. Nor will the boys of Year 9 be distracted looking out of the window of the maths department, more interested in the latest Yves Saint Laurent Opium ad than quadratic equations.

The reason behind these new rules - which are very precise about what sexual ads must include to be categorised as such - is, of course, the Government's concern over the "sexualisation of children".

However, the fact that children's movements are not restricted to a 100m radius of the school they attend seems to render these rules slightly pointless.

As does the fact that most pupils can use their mobiles to source much filthier content than even the grubbiest adman would consider pasting up in public.

Nonetheless, it's the Naughty Step for you, advertising industry of Great Britain. And stay there until you stop raunching up your billboards.

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