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On the naughty step - Conduct that deserves a ticking off

This week: Intimate piercings

This week: Intimate piercings

Here at TES Towers, we're well aware of the importance of the student-teacher bond. Teachers who go beyond the call of duty to build positive, nurturing relationships with their students deserve to be applauded. South African teacher Pieter Oberholzer, however, may have stepped over the line when he came up with a novel kind of bonding exercise: he accompanied three of his students to get their penises pierced.

The bizarre incident occurred after the teens in question spotted Mr Oberholzer's own pierced privates when they walked in on him having a shower before swimming practice. The former head of drama at Willowridge High School in Pretoria claimed the boys were so impressed with his metalwork that they "hounded" him into helping them to get a "Prince Albert". Eventually he caved in and took them to a "reputable" studio. He later explained that he was just "trying to make sure they were safe".

Despite Mr Oberholzer's protestations that he had the students' welfare at heart, and that he reported the incident to his school himself, he was shown no mercy by the local education board, which - perhaps unsurprisingly - dismissed him.

The moral of the story? Although abseiling and windsurfing make for wholesome bonding activities, anything involving needles and nether regions is most definitely not cool. To the naughty step with you, Mr Oberholzer.

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