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On the naughty step - conduct that deserves a ticking off

This week: naughty apps

This week: naughty apps

In the dim and distant past, teachers could expect fear and respect from their young charges. Thirty attentive faces full of reverence and wonder would face the front and listen to their great wisdom.

But times have changed. As the internet has brought facts to students' fingertips, their teachers' intricate knowledge of the Plantagenet kings is no longer enough to impress.

But most children know where the boundaries are and, however rebellious they may be, would not dream of assaulting a teacher. But a new smartphone app could be set to change all that. Well, kind of. In a gaming kind of way.

Flush the Teacher encourages children to upload pictures of their teachers. These are then superimposed on to animated characters, which can be flushed down the toilet or harassed with slingshots.

According to its developer, Australian teacher Ross McGuigan, the game boasts "38 levels of ludicrous payback" that allow children to "vent their frustration" at disliked teachers without acting it out in the real world.

It may well be a nice outlet for certain urges, but is it really such a great idea? We might argue that teachers have enough to contend with without a bunch of 12-year-old scamps plotting to send them gurgling into the sewers. So for that, it's off to the naughty step with naughty apps.

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