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On the naughty step - Conduct that deserves a ticking off

This week: TES staff

Oh dear, TES has come over all traditional.

What could have brought on this bout of near fatal disciplinitis? The answer is news from Scotland of an initiative to stop the problem of pupils littering in a Dumfries secondary.

An issue that St Joseph's College could probably have solved with a little light behaviour management, including clear punishments for those who throw their crisp packets around, has instead been rewarded with "basketball hoop bins" that are presumably designed to make litter disposal fun.

"Bah," we blustered. "That school needs a stern talking to for letting the little so-and-sos get away with blue murder!"

But actually, perhaps it's the staff here at TES Towers who should be sent to the naughty step for obsessively reading the endless school improvement literature about "sweating the small stuff".

Oh, and that pesky Daily Mail website, too.

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