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This week: the rain

With Olympic fever in the air, this year's school sports days have been anticipated with greater fervour than ever. London's sporting extravaganza is just around the corner and many schools have even renamed their sports day "Olympic Day" in celebration.

Imagine then the, ahem, dampened spirits as thousands of children saw their own Olympic dreams washed away last week. As a month's worth of rain thundered down in just a few days, many events turned distinctly soggy. Schools in South Wales, such as Gowerton Primary and Cila Primary in Swansea, bore the brunt of the weather, forcing them to postpone their competitions until drier conditions arrive.

Cila's headteacher, Raymond Squires, said that in 26 years he has never before had to call off a sports day. "You book it for June, thinking that the weather is going to be OK," he said.

But heads hoping for a break in the gloomy weather could find themselves waiting for some time. Forecasts are predicting that July will follow June and April as the wettest since records began. Perhaps they should swap the egg and spoon for a spot of bog snorkelling?

Still, at least the Olympics can't be cancelled because of bad weather... can they?

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Tes Editorial

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