On the naughty step - Conduct that deserves a ticking off

This week: Justin Bieber

Bieber? Didn't we put you on the naughty step only recently? You need to change your behaviour, or we'll have you in the headmaster's office for a legal air-caning.

Yes, global teen megastar Justin Bieber this week joins a select group of people who have received more than one sharp ticking off from TES. Other illustrious members include education secretary Michael Gove and journalist Toby Young.

Last time he graced the naughty step, Bieber had turned up late for a gig at the O2 Arena in London, leaving thousands of devastated teenagers weeping into their ticket stubs and struggling to stay awake at school the following day.

And now? Well, it seems the Canadian pop monster has the power to shift exam timetables. Five schools in Alesund, Norway, decided to move their mid-term exams because so many girls had tickets to Justin's gig in Oslo - seven hours away.

The headteachers made the move as they felt sure the lure of Bieber would be greater than that of the test papers. But honestly, since when did a Canadian pop-puppet with dubious dress sense get to influence such high-level edu-decisions?

Oh, and another thing, Justin, before you go. Your new haircut, with its swooping orangey fringe and shaved sides, does nothing for you and does not comply with school rules.

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