Nazis online

German schools' methods of teaching the Holocaust are discussed in a new online article by the Goethe-Institut.

The history of the Nazis and their beliefs is an integral part of the curriculum of German schools, generally taught in history lessons.

Cross-curricular study, however, is also encouraged.

Although Germany's federal states all regulate education independently - there are 16 different education acts with varying curricula for history and political studies - the goals are similar throughout the country when it comes to National Socialism.

In all states, younger pupils must learn about concentration camps, extermination camps and the Holocaust, while older pupils study national socialism in greater depth.

The article details one school project, where pupils in Wolfenbuettel worked on a database to compile biographies of forced labourers and prisoners of war in the region.

* www.goethe.degesztgthmdunen2079439.htm

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