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Need to remove rogue governors;Letter

Joan Sallis is right in saying that good leadership of heads is about encouraging governors to take on their full role, rather than trying to worry about professional territory (TES, April 30). She is also right when she says, "Are not shared decisions more robust and, when current law can so savagely punish those who falter, doesn't it feel safe to share them?" Perhaps she could extend her argument by suggesting that when things go wrong, governors should be prepared to stand up and be counted. That "savage punishment" most often falls on the paid employee - the headteacher - not on the governors.

Indeed her argument would be a lot stronger if she were also to suggest that there be a way of removing rogue governors. A "troublesome minority" can make undue work for others.

Fortunately I have an excellent team of governors who work hard - but sadly I have too often received a "cry for help" from other heads who have suffered at the hands of rogues in an otherwise excellent governing body.

Kieran Salter Headteacher amp; governor Aston Clinton combined school Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire

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