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Needled by knitting classes

I read "Knitters with sums up their sleeves" (TES,February 11) with incredulity. Not that I have a problem with children knitting or playing darts - but I was under the impression that we teach children basic mathematical skills to enable them to enjoy fulfilled and productive lives.

You report that integrating maths across the curriculum is "tricky". This is only because the curriculum is neatly packaged to make assessment easy, but bears little relation to real life.

Until we develop an education system fully integrated into the community: children active in real projects, that make real, lasting changes to their lives, we don't stand a chance of eliminating disaffection from schools.

We do not need a few examples of integrated mathematics, we need an education system relevant to children's lives, geared to the way they learn, and not determined by arbitrary testing standards.

Sue Gerrard 8 Croft Way Market Drayton, Shropshire

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