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Negative forces repel scientists;Letter

I have a PhD and MSc in instrumentation and analytical science; a BSc in pure and applied chemistry; an MRSC, CChem and GRSC; three-and-a-half years of postdoctoral research and more than 10 years at a government laboratory. However, I will be 43 in July.

I have been investigating the possibility of teaching. We are told there is a serious shortage of science teachers and that the more mature person with experience is required in the profession.

To date, I have been turned down by a number of colleges.In each case I was the oldest person attending for interview. Is there a connection?

When pressed, one said I did not know enough about the national curriculum. One informed me that they tried to get a mix based on subject background and age. Yet another informed me that I was not enthusiastic enough!

I should point out that the national curriculum is part of what is taught on these teacher- training courses and that enthusiasm may well get one started but it is stamina which allows one to finish.

Dr John McCallum 71 Winchester Road Feltham London TW13

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