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New bout of bullying expected

A REPORT that "more than a third of teachers claim they have been victimised" (TES, February 18) will come as no surprise to many National Union of Teachers members in Oxfordshire who may well take exception to their union's somewhat complacent suggestion that the reportmay have exaggerated bullying in schools.

Your readers should not be misled by the number of cases of stress-related illness involving bullying (120) that the NUT is currently working on as this number would indicate a major increase over the past few years. I suspect that there are many cases where action has not een taken in support of members who have been the victims of bullying or harassment and whose health and careers have thereby been harmed.

Rather than underestimate the problems of bullying in the workplace perhaps the trade unions should now prepare themselves to support members who will become victims of bullying and harassment as a result of the hostility and discrimination that will inevitably be created by the Government's new proposals for performance-related pay.

Nigel Nicholas

Oxfordshire Association NUT

Long Furlong



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