New calendar belittles Easter

The Local Government Association has published some recommended dates for the 20067 school year which include widely varying half-terms of 33, 28 and 26 days, between January and late May. It is possible to get terms of between 28 and 30 days by having the half-term in February a week earlier and making the Easter weekend fall in the middle of two full weeks of holiday instead of only having Maundy Thursday and Good Friday as holiday before Easter and then going for another full week and three days after Easter.

Why have they recommended these dates? Their "principles" include a pattern of four "terms" of approximately six weeks after Christmas and a start to "term" 5 during the second or early in the third week of April. Their recommendation fails both these principles. "Term" 5 starts at the end of the third week in April and a variation from just over five to nearly seven weeks!

Could it be that there is an underlying attack on the Christian festival of Easter?

Stuart Hart 135 Garners Lane Davenport, Cheshire

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