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New Labour, new acronym

Considerable confusion this week about who is running this country's education system. It seems Tony Blair has axed the good old DFEE. His aides have been telling everybody another outfit (or bloke) called DES will be taking over. So there was much confusion when a third organisation calling itself the DFES set up in the DFEE's old buildings and claimed it was running the show. The DFES and the DES both go by the full name of Department for Educatin and Skills and distinguish themselves only by their acronyms. Rivalry is so intense that the DFES denies the DES even exists.

Our confusion was heightened when we searched the web for the DFES and got a series of pages about demonic possession: "DFEs, or Dark Force Entities, are dark, arrogant, hostile, malevolent, disruptive, destructive entities which claim to be followers of the Great One," one site helpfully explained.

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