New Labour, no baggage if you book BA

It had to happen to us. Our intrepid reporter travelled to Denmark last week along with a fact-finding mission but his luggage, and theirs, had different ideas - courtesy of British Airways' remarkable (futuristic, one might say) baggage system at Heathrow.

The accompanying gear duly arrived more than a day late in Aalborg, Edinburgh's twin town. We are sure there is no embarrassment in the fact that the trip was made in pursuit of excellence, to find out how the Danes organise school sport and out-of-school care.

Hopefully Sam Galbraith, the Scottish Office minister for sport and children, who was due to fly out in the latter part of this week to join the fact-finding, carried any vital documents about his person.

Apart from The TES Scotland and the minister, the group comprised less well-known characters from the Scottish Sports Council and East and West Lothian councils. Ross Martin, chairman of West Lothian's education committee, coined the perfect summary for their early misfortune: "New Labour, no baggage".

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