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- Explore tropical trees and animal adaptation with the TES Resources Rainforests collection. There are more than 15 resources including Canopy collage, Rainforest role play and No place like home, a PowerPoint introducing pupils to the rainforest habitat.


- Andrew Brodie's new Improving Punctuation series provides ready-to-use resources to help pupils tell a comma from a full stop. There are four books: one for children aged 5-7; one for 7-8s, one for 9-10s, one for 10- 11s. A cheery cartoon panda introduces each target and worksheets are divided into cat (easy), dog (on-level) and rabbit-themed (advanced) tasks.

Sex education

- A Teachers TV video explores how and why primaries should introduce early sex education. Or find out what youngsters think about sex in a series of videos from Youthhealthtalk.

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