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Art amp; design

- Pupils can create ModRoc skeletons to celebrate the Day of the Dead festival in an art lesson shared by mandasea. bit.lyKS3Bony faces. From sugar skulls to food for the dead, a Mexican family explains traditions in a BBC Class Clips - Art amp; Design video. bit.yKS4Backfrom theDead

Film amp; TV

- Tune in to TES partner FilmClub's Hollywood Costume webcast. It will go behind the scenes at the new Vamp;A exhibition. Watch it live on 26 November at www.filmclub.orgclose-encounters (primary 3.30pm; secondary 4pm). Check out FilmClub UK's profile at bit.lytesFILMCLUB


- Give More is a campaign that urges people to give time and energy to charitable causes. TES partner Citizenship Foundation has resources including an assembly and a quiz. bit.lyTESGiveMore.

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