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Murder mystery

- Try TES adviser Daniel Hartley's Becket-inspired murder mystery activity. Split the class into pairs or groups of three, introduce the mystery and get them to investigate. http:bit.lyXAgFrX

Life and death

- Give S1-3 pupils an overview of the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection using moira16 's PowerPoint. bit.lyHolyWeekPPT. Or for 16-18s, explore different ways of being a Christian in durgamata's lesson. bit.lyBibleViews

Easter specials

- Calling all eggheads - for 11- to 14-year-olds, see Easter eggs roll off the production line at the Cadbury factory. bit.lyChocolateEggs. For 14-16s, a whodunnit - Who Killed the Easter Bunny? Find out with ZiFrog's game. bit.lyEasterCluedo

Easter maths

- Get pupils to turn their talents to TESSD's Easter Percentages activity. bit.lyEasterPercentages.

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