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New products at a glance

Data Harvest's EasySense Advanced logger is fast, has a LCD display and is compatibile with a range of sensors. Its pocket-size Ecolog logger and Sensing Science 3 software is aimed at primary schools. Software for secondary schools is also due this year.

BETT stand: L45 Tel: 01525 373666 Commotion has the Datameter 1000 in the ubiquitous LogIT range. This has a display, one-button data-logging and sensors for pulse and distance.

BETT stand: M50 Tel: 01732 773399 Pasco offers the most comprehensive set of sensors for its high-resolution data loggers. Its high performance Science Workshop 750 interface will suit advanced physics and its Data Studio is gaining repute as best-of-breed data-logging software.

BETTstand: F72 Tel: 0208 560 5678 Lego has evolved the RCX, its intelligent brick, into a wireless, remote-controlled logger. Using Robolab software, projects on control and monitoring are possible.

From Commotion (see above) Texas Instruments has the CBL2 which logsdata with or without a TI calculator. This portable system has a calculator cradle, "flash" memory for data and software, which is upgradeable via the Internet.

BETTstand: M13 Tel: 01604 663399 Logotron launches version three of Insight datalogging software, the only package to work with most UK equipment. It now has an interactive tutorial, keyboard data entry and a table display.

BETTstand: F30 Tel: 01223 425558 Economatics has the Discovery data-logger forprimary and secondary schools. Numerous sensors and its ability to control motors makes this one to share between science and design and technology.

Tel: 0114 2813344 Philip Harris has a data-logger that stores its data on a Smart Card for future access. The CL200 has an LCD display and can store data for up to 47 days.

BETT stand: G52 Tel: 01225 852800 Sionics will launch CE Lab, a data loading system which uses the new breed of Windows laptops.

BETT stand: M72 Tel 01480 350777

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