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New teachers: from York St john

Name - Simon Baker

Age 21

Subject Upper primary PGCE

Came to teaching from?

BA (Hons) Economics, Northumbria University What made you want to teach?

For the first two years of my degree I thought that I wanted to work in finance but the idea began to have less appeal. I did work experience in a school and realised teaching was what I really wanted to do. Having done economics, I found it hard to get a placement in teacher training. They would have preferred me to have a degree in a national curriculum subject.

Best lecture so far?

Our science lectures. I like the fact that they are practical. You don't have to take notes so it stops you getting too bogged down in theory.

Taking notes has its place but I feel the hands-on approach we have in science will really help prepare us for the classroom.

Been a waste of time?

The lecture on displays. Dreadful! They showed us slide upon slide of really old-fashioned looking classroom displays. Displays should be personal to the children, not something that someone else can tell you how to do.

Inspired by?

My mother, a secondary maths teacher. I try to model myself on her. She is a very good but also a very strict teacher. I want to be firm but fair.

Most absurd piece of educational jargon?

Behaviour management. What's that about?

Can't wait toI ?

Teach my own class. I'm looking forward to not being observed all the time and getting to do my own thingI and getting paid enough money to survive.

Best thing about the course?

Teaching practice. Both the schools I have been to have been great. They have let me get straight in there and teach which has been really helpful.

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