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New TES magazines lift a longstanding depression;Letter

For the past 30 years The TES has been Friday's depressant working its way through to Sunday afternoon.

The depression was caused by a mixture of unattainable jobs advertised, overload of jobs in areas one did not wish to go to, the doom and gloom news on the front and back page and everything in between, and the irritating research findings telling teachers that if they did what they would like to do but couldn't do, things would be perfect, wouldn't they. The particular source of depression was that my unhappiest time in teaching was picked out of the TES in Edinburgh in 1980. I shall never forgive you for nine years in Ipswich. (Forgive me, Ipswich, you are lovely and your people lovelier still but that school ... enough said.) Imagine my utter amazement at reading The TES today and finding myself feeling quite euphoric by the time I had finished. The magazines are excellent. Thank you. The TES now is a really professional paper for professional people. I can even forgive you your Ipswich sin!


28 Fox Brook

Wootton Bassett


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