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* Best Seller is aninnovative "youth-magazine-style" design publication which aims to help young people appreciate thecontent and influence of the Bible as well as its importance within worldwide Christianity. The full-colour book uses simple core text, glossaries and a range of activities to introduce students to the main Bible topics covered in the REsyllabus. Age: 11-14. pound;4.50. Bible Society,Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon SN5 7DG.Tel: 01793 418100.

Stand PV150 * Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco is a pack that looks at the issues surrounding the use of these substances.Based upon DFEE guidelines and supportedby Release, the nationaldrug advice organisation, it aims to help students make informed and balanceddecisions about drugs through a reasonedexamination of drug-related issues. The 60 photo-copiable worksheets cover topics such as the consequences of drugmisuse and school policy. Age: 11-14. pound;45.The Chalkface Project,PO Box 1, Milton Keynes, Bucks. MK5 6JB.Tel: 01908 340340.

Stand PV224 * The National Dairy Council will be holding threepractical sessions each day to provide teachers with ideas for implementingpractical food activities inthe classroom. A home economist will demonstrate how, for instance, cheese-making supports the design and technology curriculum in relation to making,designing, tasting, testing, food hygiene and safety. National Dairy Council,5-7 John Princes Street,London W1M 0AP.Tel: 0171 499 7822.

Stand C30 * Dr Grip is a ball-point pen designed to relieve the symptoms of writing fatigue and arthritis. The flexible rubber barrel comes in different colours (red, blue, green or white) and measures 13.8mm, whichis much larger than the average pen. pound;5.75, refills 45p.The Pilot Pen Company,Hi-Tec House, 122 Malton Avenue, Slough,Berks. SL1 4DE.Tel: 01753 822995.

Stand G48 * The Primary Marketing Pack uses a study guideand video of trailers from recent family films such as SpiceWorld and Home Alone 3 to explain how a film is marketed and distributed. Youngsters are given tips on how to make posters,set up themed film premieres and designmerchandise to market their own blockbuster. The guide is accompanied by a TVprogramme which will be broadcast on BBC2'sLearning Zone on April 1,9 and 29, 4.30am-5.00am. The pack will be availableby Easter.Film Education,Alhambra House,27-31 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0AU.Tel: 0171 976 2291.

Stand PV340 * Read and Write withRat-a-tat-tat accompanies the Channel 4 Schools'television series of the same name. It offers a phonic approach to reading and writing and combines animation, letters and spelling to help youngchildren develop theirhandwriting and reading skills. The program isstructured in such a way as to enable children to explore unjoined sounds and letters, then progressto joined ones, and finally build them into words.Features include over 100 activity sheets which can be downloaded and printed, and several learning levels to provide flexibility.Age: 3-6. For PC or Mac, pound;29.99. Channel 4 Schools,PO Box 100, WarwickCV34 6TZ.Tel: 01926 436444.Stand PV18 * Backtracks aims toprovide an effective learning tool for students studying media and music. The user can match video clips with music and sound effectsto create new work, anddiscover how soundtrack music manipulates responses when watching film and television. Thereare six different projectswith 24 graded activities for creating advertisements, trailers and title sequences. Accompanying teacher's notes are included.Age: 9+. For PC or Mac, pound;29.99. Channel 4 Schools, PO Box 100, WarwickCV34 6TZ.Tel: 01926 436444. Stand PV18 * The World of Pepperamp; Poppy a cross-curricular program which aims tooffer children a stimulating and interactive way tolearn about cats and dogs and how to care for them. Pupils follow the adventures of Pepper the dog and Poppy the cat around their home town of Pawsville using PetPuter, a multimedia database with over 20,000 words of textand hundreds of images. Each adventure has topic related projects andencourages the user to develop problem solving abilities. Using PetPuter children can "surf" the database using key words, similar to the techniques used in the WorldWide Web. Age: 7-12.For MacPC or ArchimedesPC, pound;29.99. To order the CD-Rom write to Pedigree PetfoodsEducation Centre (PPEC), Freepost ANG1405,Basildon,Essex SS15 6BR.A resource brochure isalso available.Tel: 0171 255 1100.Stand J18

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