News Quiz

1 "There is nothing you could say to me now that I would ever believe" - who (allegedly) to whom?

a Jen to Brad

b Gordon to Tony

c Archbishop of Canterbury to God

d God to Jerry

2 Which tragic love split has devastated the world?

a Brad 'n' Jennifer

b Jude 'n' Sienna

c Tony 'n' Gordon

d Germaine 'n' John

3 Which shocking TV scenes could lead to court action?

a John McCririck in his underwear

b Germaine Greer fighting for control of the kitchen

c Jesus "I'm a bit gay" Christ on Jerry Springer, the Opera

d Gordon and Tony's split-screen bloodbath

4 Why does the Post Office want to buy (back) into the phones business?

a It's a significant new business stream

b Great opportunity to lose money

c Good chance to make 20 per cent of calls late

d Too many international calls still reaching the right country

5 Why does cremation pose a danger to health?

a Asthma-inducing particulates from the ashes

b Vapourised mercury from dental fillings

c Dioxins from cheap coffins

d Some of them aren't dead yet


1b, 2a, 3c, 4a, 5b

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