News quiz

1 Michael Howard has pledged the Tories will:

a Abolish the National Blood Authority

b Slash incapacity benefit

c Sell off housing authority homes

d Electronically tag parents in custody battles

2 What was the shock finding of Ofsted's key stage 4 citizenship survey?

a Only 25 per cent said we have a Labour Government

b 25 per cent actually think we have a Labour Government

c 43 per cent confused Robert Kilroy-Silk with David Bell

d 10 per cent said they'd share a pint with Charlie Kennedy

3 Research reveals that many migraine-sufferers have:

a A hole in the head

b A hole in the heart

c A hole in the soul

d A malfunctioning nail gun

4 The Mission: which troubled figure did Gordon Brown meet in Africa?

a Thabo Mbeki

b Nelson Mandela

c Mark Thatcher

d Graeme Smith


1a, 2a, 3b, 4b

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