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News quiz

1 Who is to get an official apology from Tony Blair for wrongful imprisonment?

a Angela Cannings, (cleared of killing her children)

b Belmarsh terror detainees

c Guantanamo Four

d Guildford Four

2 Whose trials and tribulations are to be turned into a musical?

a The Guantanamo Four

b Michael Jackson

c David Blunkett

d Spongebob Squarepants

3 What amazing thing have biologists learned about birds?

a They can tell Mozart from Strauss

b They can tell 5ive from Blue

c They can tell a Cubist from Impressionist painting

d They don't realise that Saatchi says Cubism is so over

4 Flying pigs are:

a A good metaphor for Tory spending plans

b A good metaphor for Labour housing plans

c A good metaphor for Lib Dem electoral prospects

d Deeply offensive

5 Who or what have been threatened with Zero Tolerance?

a Disruptive pupils

b Flying pigs

c Political attempts to cash in on discipline problems

d TV dramas about saintly heads starring Julie Walters

ANSWERS: 1d, 2c, 3c, 4d

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