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News quiz

1 Early release scandal: how many prisoners actually reoffend after being let out early?

a 30 per cent b 60 per cent c 2 per cent d 13 per cent

2 If we're so soft on crime,name our last wishy-washy criminal-friendly liberal Home Secretary: a David Blunkett b Jack Straw c Michael Howard d Err. You've got me

3 Name the dirty trick of the week: a Tories accuse Labour of dirty tricks b Labour accuse Tories of dirty tricks c Tories say Labour dirty trick claim is dirty smear d Can we have the election now? Please?

4 Why couldn't the Sydney fire crew get to the house fire?

a Their fire engine was out collecting a pizza takeaway b They were too busy watching the footie, mate c The driver was over the limit d They'd run out of water

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