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News quiz

1 Video games keep you young, "experts" say. How?

a Lack of sunlight stops skin ageing

b Arrested development means permanent adolescence

c Pulling faces while playing prevents wrinkles

d Reaching highest level of Doom II actually sends you back in time - fact

2 Geography question: Kyrgyzstan is the new...

a Ukraine

b Tajikistan

6c Riviera, darling

d Countdown conundrum

3 Spot the April Fool:

a Man banned from comedy club for laughing

b Woman banned from Tesco for buying too many buns

c Tory fired for pledging tax cuts

d Tony Blair apologises for Iraq war, shakes George Galloway's hand, promises 'Never again'

4 Identify the line from Labour's election theme.

a Everything is beautiful, in its own way

b Morning has broken, like the first morning

c The only way is up, baby

d The traffic is stuck, and you're not moving anywhere

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