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News quiz

1 They've called an election! Who are Labour and the Tories targeting?

a Hard-working families

b Hard, working families

c Weak, lazy families

d The rest of us

2 And we can't call the Conservatives "Tories" anymore! But what did Tory originally mean?

a Washed-up opportunist

b Poll tax

c Irish robber

d Caring paternalist

3 But can we trust the results? The judge in the Birmingham postal vote fraud case said it would:

a Shame a banana republic

b Shame the Tories

c Shame Robert Mugabe

d Shame Dick and Dom

4 How long did it take for conspiracy theories about the Pope's death to emerge?

a Twelve hours

b Three days

c Five days

ANSWERS: 1a, 2c, 3a, 4b

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