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News quiz

1. Mmmm ... Princess Camilla crisps, yes please. But what flavour are they?

a. Caviar and champagne b. Horseradish and sour cream c. Oysters d. Roast fox

2. Terror alert! Kamel Bourgass is behind bars - but what did police find in his flat?

a. Deadly ricin terror nerve agent b. Al-Qaida membership card (Wood Green branch) c. Photo signed "Good luck with your mission - Saddam"

d. A photocopied ricin recipe 3. Rover update: Just remind us, why do entrepreneurs get paid stacks, exactly?

a. They take all the risks - if the company falls, they lose everything b. It makes them work harder c. Because they can d. Gordon says: "Greed is good"

4. Weeing in the street in broad daylight in central London will get you: a. Arrested b. Deported c. Beaten to death by Tidy Britain vigilantes d. Hailed a national heroine

ANSWERS: 1b, 2d, 3c, 4d

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