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News Quiz

1 A criminal fantasist who strung everyone along with his insane stories.


a Robert Hendy-Freegard b Tim "I can still win" Henman c Tony "ID cards 'r'us" Blair d Michael "People love themud" Eavis

2 Talking of Glasto, what did Kate Moss and Pete Doherty allegedly do there?

a Go mud-surfing b Binge on e-coli-laced vegeburgers c Get "married" in the Las Vegas chapel d Duet on "These Boots Are Made for Walking"

3 The PM says it'd be "ridiculous" to charge pound;300 for ID cards. He means: a They'll charge pound;100 and take the rest from taxes b They'll flog the database c Cherie does them cheaper d Right, LSE, you're dog-meat 4 What did we learn about Lady Thatcher this week?

a She offered to flog mines to Arthur Scargill in 1983 b She offered to flog the Falklands to Argentina in 1980 c She offered to flog Wales to Neil Kinnock in 1987 d She described the idea of ID cards as "ridiculous" in 1990

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