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News quiz

1 Revealed: pound;4 billion a year. Whose income?

a Live 8 headliners' collective salaries

b Annual value of UK drugs trade

c Annual profits of UK pharmaceutical industry

d First PM Sir Robert Walpole (2005 prices)

2 Why didn't the Government want you to know that?

a They're scared of drug dealers

b They're scared of John Birt

c They're scared of Bob Geldof

d National security

3 Who promised action on "coasting schools"? When?

a Stephen Byers, 1998

b David Miliband, 2002

c Ruth Kelly, 2005

d All of them

4 When did Homo sapiens first reach America, according to new research?

a 500 years ago

b 12,500 years ago

c 40,000 years ago

d Sometime between leaving the garden of Eden and the arrival of the Great Flood


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