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News quiz

1 What do MPs think would help to persuade more teachers to join inner-city schools?

a Free housing

b More cash

c Body armour

d Counselling

2 Whose tear-stained shirt has gone under the hammer?

a Gazza's from the World Cup semi-final

b Matthew Pinsent's from the Athens Olympics

c Madonna's from the Wailing Wall

d Gordon Brown's from Granita, 1994

3 How was Madge's Wailing Wall visit a great success?

a Bigger headlines thanBritney's wedding

b The wailing sounds great on her next single

c She united Israelis and Palestinians - against her

d She brought flat caps to the Middle East

4 What did fellow flat-cap wearers riot over last week?

a Something really serious like war or hospitals

b A hobby

c Madonna

d You city folk don't understand our country ways

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