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News quiz

1 "Some people think I've not got the brains to be that clever." David Beckham on what?

a Getting booked deliberately

b Misbehaving with his wife's beautician

c Suing the Sunday papers

d Scoring with a 25-yard curler against Wales

2 Why can't top American physics professor David Wolfe teach in an English grammar school?

a He hasn't got GCSE maths

b It's political correctness gone mad

c He can't get a work permit as an economic migrant

d He can

3 Billy Connolly is:

a. Not funny

b Not clever

c Married to a glamorous younger wife

d All of the above

4 What did Tory leader Michael Howard find during two hours in Brixton?

a No crime

b No police

c No votes

d No hope

QUIZ ANSWERS: 1a, 2d, 3d, 4b

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