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News Quiz

1 Who regretted being "naive" and "overexposed" this week?

a Tory arts spokesman Boris Johnson. b Pop brat Britney Spears. c A-level reform maestro Mike Tomlinson. d British troops heading for Baghdad.

2 Britain faces a winter of "routine blackouts," unions warn the public.

What year is it?

a 1944. b 1974. c 1984. d 2004

3 What turned out to be even more dangerous than previously thought?

a Passive smoking. b Aerosol sprays. c Household cleaners. d All of the above.

4 Which institution's website was unexpectedly censored?

a Middlesex county library. b Horniman Museum, south London. c Scunthorpe college of further education. d Charles Dickens primary school.

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