Next Week at School - 24-30 September 2011


High climbers

Twenty-two years after the Kiwis, Brits finally made it to the top of Everest on this day in 1975. Learn about the history of British expeditions on the world's most famous mountain.


Harvest festival

Discover the importance of Harvest - or Sukkot, as Jewish people call it - and why people in Britain have, for centuries, celebrated the gathering of crops and shared food with those in need.


European Day of Languages

Celebrate this day with your class and have fun with a Who Wants to be a Millionaire? quiz - with sound effects - which can be used in different languages. Chris Tarrant impressions optional.


Get to the roots of hair

Just a day after the abolition of theatre censorship, the controversial musical Hair opened in London on this day in 1968. Learn more about teenage rebellion in America post-20s in a link shared by allenk.


No pens day

A day most pupils must have dreamed about - being told to throw away their pens. Before they get too carried away, remind them that the Hello campaign is all about speaking and listening, not texting.


Short reign of the pontiff

When Pope John Paul I died of a heart attack in 1978, aged 65, his became the shortest reign in papal history. But was it a natural death? Read the conspiracy theory. www.prose-n-poetry.comdisplay_work10583


The world's biggest coffee morning

Macmillan Cancer Support's number one fundraising event. Follow the link for teaching plans on cancer, Macmillan's research work, and sun protection.


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