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Nine lives;Jotter

From Highland, we learn of a remarkable passing. Mhairi Mackenzie has retired after 34 years as secretary to northern directors of education of various hues and habitats.

In fact, she has served nine different directors in Ross and Cromarty, Highland Region and Highland Council. That custodian of Highland educational history, the monocled mutineer Ronald MacDonald (one of the nine), reveals that there have been only three secretaries in the 80 years of education authority provision in Inverness.

The roll call goes by the splendid names of Miss Noble, Miss Lackie and Miss Mackenzie.

At her last farewell, Mackenzie was careful not to embarrass bosses past and present but did indicate that it was time to look to her superannuation when recently arrived boss Bruce Robertson turned out to be the same age as her nephew.

Many stories of personalities who graced the Highland education scene were recounted during the reception.

But, in time honoured fashion, the details will have to remain confidential between the directors and their secretary.

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