No artificial people here

I welcome the comments by Jean Nisbet, on behalf of the Association of Educational Development and Improvement Professionals Scotland, regarding West Lothian's "tradition" of appointing secondary headteachers to posts as heads of educational services.

A closer look would have revealed that, in almost every case, the colleagues referred to had also worked as education officers, either in previous incarnations or on secondment during their time as headteachers.

West Lothian (UK Council of the Year 2006) is committed to appointing to senior posts able and experienced professionals who have honed their broad portfolio of skills in a variety of contexts, whether school-based or in a support capacity as council officers. There is little to be gained from any artificial categorisation of "school" or "council" people.

A quick glance at the CVs of the staff concerned might even have led AEDIPS to toast the success of its own people.

Gordon Ford

director of education and cultural services, West Lothian Council

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