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No fear here

I MUST speak in defence of the London South LSC, even though I am leaving the post of executive director there.

The office has been successful in developing the post-16 sector in the six boroughs for which it has responsibility.

It is widely regarded as a partner with colleges, schools, LEAs and companies - not just a superimposed funding agency. I do not believe that the spirit in the office shows signs of the "climate of fear" indicated in the letter of July 25.

I have worked in many public and private-sector offices in my long career and nowhere have I heard more laughter and good-natured banter in the workplace than I have at London South LSC.

Regarding the article "London chief forced out" (FE Focus, July 18), I am leaving London South LSC as I have a few more years of useful contributions to make to the world of education and training, and have come to wonder if there are other interesting avenues in which I should work now that I know how the LSC operates.

I look forward to working with the LSC in future, from within another organisation, perhaps, and with colleges and schools if they find my expertise valuable.

Vic Seddon Former chief executive London South LSC

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