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No just rewards for governors

MAGNUS Gorham, assistant secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, made my day a few weeks ago. I am glad to know that as the chair of a large secondary school's governing body, I have "more time to sit down and think about things" than the head. Ever since, I have been searching for the entries in my diary which say "Sitting and thinking".

His comment is as insulting as it is wrong and was the low point of the depressing article about school achievement awards, "Injustice taints gift of just rewards" (TES, May 24).

Yet again the Secondary Heads Association and NAHT seem intent on marginalising governors - or criticising and patronising them. A casual reader might well have assumed that heads are responsible for distributing the awards, not governors as is actually the case.

I wish that the unions would accept that in most schools the partnership of governors and heads works well. The constant undermining of the way committed volunteers oversee and run this and other public services is very tiresome, especially to those like myself who give up a great deal of time, having to make difficult decisions - and not receiving any award.

Michael Sanderson

3 Strafford Avenue

Elsecar, Barnsley

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