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No losers but two take a big slice of the pie

As always in FE funding, the composition of the totals and the distribution to individual colleges are complex.

The council's calculations show that, for the first time ever, there are no losers in the share-out. The overall 4.3 increase, which includes student fee income as well as the teaching grant, ranges from a 6.9 per cent rise for Lews Castle College to 2.5 per cent for West Lothian College.

Two colleges will receive considerably more, North Highland (32.7 per cent) and Shetland (33.9 per cent), but these are for "additional strategic allocations" which do not make next year's settlement comparable with the current figure.

In North Highland's case, the increase includes funding for FE in Argyll.

Shetland has had money previously covering property costs converted to boost FE activity which is the lowest in Scotland.

The distribution reflects colleges' own decisions which affect their costs, such as the balance of part-time and full-time students and between higher and further education courses.

If there is an increase in the proportion of part-time to full-time students, for example, this will add to a college's entry costs.

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