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No means yes;Jotter

The Cubie committee on student finance came to the end of its two week roadshow in Dundee last night (Thursday). We trust Andrew Cubie did not run into any more relations: one questioner at the Glasgow meeting turned out to be his sister-in-law.

He did of course run into plenty of students. Some even extended a welcome. Kenny Hannah, president of the Glasgow Caledonian students' association, invited the committee to come to his campus and talk to the students. In response David Bleiman of the Association of University Teachers, a member of the inquiry team, began to go into detail about the research the committee is commissioning on student views.

"Is that a no?" Hannah asked.

"We'll get back to you," replied the consummate Cubie.

"So it is a no," Hannah said.

Not so. A committee huddle at the end came up with a decision to accept the invitation. Fingers are still crossed, however, that this does not open the floodgates from all 69 colleges and universities in Scotland.

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