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No sex, please, we're training;Diary

SOME FALL into the murky world of sleaze by accident - like the Campaign for Learning, whose typing error you'll recall left them promoting a website for swingers. Others jump in with both feet: the Department for Education and Employment, for example.

Sanctuary Buildings trumpets its new National Traineeships for underachieving school-leavers in Loaded this month - just as the lads' rag devotes an entire issue to sex and how to have it.

Eager readers tempted by the offer of "great writing obscured by a smokescreen of female flesh" will find the DFEE's leaflet falling into their laps, urging them to talk to their local careers service about "new ways to learn while you earn".

That could be the last thing on their minds as they flick through the magazine. Loaded editor Tim Southwell promises "a properly authentic, no-holds-barred, all the dirt and plenty of suspenders guide to how to get hold of the sex and what to do with it when it places its mucky paw on your shoulder". Phew.

"I expect you'll be having the sex yourself before you've even finished the mag," he adds. That is, if you're not rushing off to your local careers office. The leaflet, by the way, with perfect synchronicity, is headed: "Are you up for it?"

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