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No spitting on the slates!

Diane Lowton, head of Year 6, Bushmead Primary School, Luton

We tried to do this in the classroom, but it doesn't work as well if you are in your usual room with brightly coloured backing paper and all the different things that are there for the children to learn.

They're taken away here, the children feel a difference. You can't give them that in the normal classroom. They also respond differently to a different teacher. If I was standing in front, they would still think of me as their normal teacher.

What we wanted them to have was the feel of being a Victorian child. You can teach them what it's like through a book, but you can't give them the experience of being there, the structure of the school day and how it compares with ours.

We brought two special needs children once and they had no trouble accessing the day at all. So it's for everybody. I think it's very well organised: it's the setting, the activities and the staff that run it. It's all easily structured, and from a teacher's point of view that makes it an easy trip to come on.

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