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Q Is it right that local authorities are increasingly failing to provide statements for children with learning difficulties?

A The growing pressure for statements and the heavy demand they put on resources has resulted in a widespread belief that finite special needs resources would be better spent on educating children in schools, rather than on the paraphernalia of the statementing process.

As inclusive practices develop and become more sophisticated, special school places for children with moderate learning difficulties have disappeared in many areas, with provision in such schools reserved for those with the most complex difficulties.

Rather than providing statements for children with moderate learning difficulties in mainstream, it is now considered better to delegate resources directly to schools and require them to meet the youngsters'

needs. Local authorities will continue to provide statements for children with severe learning difficulties and other complex special needs.

* Please email questions to or write to TES Extra for Special Needs, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London ElW lBX.

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