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No tears as Baker's folly falls

SO, former education secretary Kenneth Baker's monumental folly has finally been toppled.

The endless hours spent by teachers trying to make the key stage 4 curriculum fit into the timetable, coping with countless revisions to attainment targets, filling in pages of boxes to assess every last aspect of every subject, clearing out valued courses that gave many students routes to success lie wasted in the dust.

I never saw the original consultation document. If I remember rightly, too few were printed to send to every school and the consultation period coincided with the summer holiday!

The tragedy is that politicians, like clowns, do not learn from experience.

Why cannot they understand that policy formulated and implemented in haste without listening - really listening - to the people who have to try to make it work is doomed to failure?

Kevin O'Regan

Head, Wolverley high school Worcestershire

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